12 volt car lamp on six volts

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I had a Honda ATC that required a 6 volt 25 watt headlamp.
I couldn't find one anywhere but I had a 12 volt 100 watt headlamp  
globe. I worked out that it would consume 25 watts when powered
by 6 volts but would it be a dull yellow glow?
It worked very well with a nice bright white light.

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Re: 12 volt car lamp on six volts

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6V VW cars persisted quite a long time - some smaller specialist VW parts  
retailers still carry 6V bulbs.

You can get 6V H3 bulbs for high power rechargeable hand lamps - but they're  
single filament, so you have to replace the headlamp unit with 2 separate  

Honda motorcycles used their own unique bulb fitting - if you can find a 6V  
H4 bulb, you may be able to get the reflector it fits from a Cibie kit.

About the late 80s - many motorcycle makes started using H4, they're hard to  
find - but I'm sure there's such thing as a 6V H4.

If its AC lighting - you can't change the bulb wattage much. More and more  
automotive LED bulbs are appearing on the market. The lower power  
consumption leaves room for rectifier/regulator etc to make it work with the  
supply you've got.  

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