Wi-Fi & Ethernet?

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I've acquired a faulty IP camera. But I don't remember any discussion of  
Wi-Fi or Ethernet comms on this NG. Is that because there is a better NG  
for me to try?


Re: Wi-Fi & Ethernet?
On Fri, 19 May 2017, MJC wrote:

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No, it's because it doesn't belong here.

If you want to physically repair the camera, ie find a broken part and  
replace it, this is the place.

If you're talking about a configuration problem or troubleshooting a wifi  
or ethernet problem, this isn't the place.  It doesn't fit.  ANd yes,  
there must be better places for it, where the "experts" are.

Don't be misled by people who use this as their hangout, so any problem  
they come up with lands here.  Or be misled by the people who crosspost  
between some other newsgroup, often the home repair newsgroup and here.


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