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Hello, eletro fans....  Yes, I know this ain't a Yahoo group.  But, and  
this is a big butt, you guys know a whole lot more than those who post  
cryptic stuff at the computer groups.   Any help steering me in the  
right direction would be appreciated!

Newgene (formerly Old Snuffy)

Anyone know a reliable way to do move about a few thousand emails from  
Yahoo to my desktop?  I searched a lot the last few days and these are  
what I thought were the best so far, but none of the worked.

I am glad to pay up to $25 for a program that does the job.  Have not  
found anything with good reviews that works so far.

** Method #1 (Not working for me.  Procedure is evidently missing some  


You can access your Yahoo! Mail from another email client or your mobile  
device using IMAP.
Use these settings when configuring IMAP:

Incoming Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
Outgoing Server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Incoming Port: 993 with SSL
Outgoing Port: 465 with SSL or port 587 with SSL/TLS
-It is necessary to enable SSL or TLS for Outgoing SMTP port.
Username: full email address (for example, snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com)
Password: the password you use to sign in to your Yahoo! Account

Since you cannot export directly from yahoo to providers like gmail you  
can enter this information into Microsoft Outlook to retrieve your  
e-mails to avoid agreeing to the new upgrade and still be able to  
retrieve your mail.

** Method #2 (Didn't work either)


I have many emails with significant documents in my Yahoo account, so I  
want to export Yahoo Mail to Outlook PST file instantly.

Is there any easy solution? Please help me...

Quoted text here. Click to load it
as POP3, after that you can create a PST file and save all the info that  
your need in the PST created.

thank you everyone for helping me.....

1. Fill Your Account Details:

. Account type - POP3
. Incoming Mail Server (POP3) - pop.mail.yahoo.com
. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - smtp.mail.yahoo.com

On the Advanced tab:

. Incoming Server POP3: 995
. Outgoing Server (SMTP): 465  

** Method #3 (Installed trial version. To use, it requires user name and  
password.  When downloading, there was no where to enter password.  And  
they did not send any emails with password....)


For large number of Yahoo account emails, you need to create backup  
using third party software like Yahoo Backup tool which is capable to  
create backup of Yahoo emails. The backup will be created as an email  
file like PST, EML, MBOX or MSG which can be opened and accessed just  
like an Yahoo email using the respective email client. External solution  
available like these can be really an effective solution to save Yahoo  
emails to external hard drive.

How To Backup Emails from Yahoo Mail Account to Hard Drive

Step 1. Download, Install & Launch Yahoo Backup software and fill  
credential of user account.
Step 2. Choose any one e-mail format: EML, PST, MSG or MBOX.
Step 3. Then click on "Browser" button to choose the preferred location  
where you to save email data & click on "Start" button to initiate the  
email download process.
Step 4. Once all email data are downloaded in local system, software  
will show a confirmation message "Download completed successfully". Then  
Click on "OK" button.

Source: http://www.yahoo.gmailbackup.org/

Re: OT - Moving Yahoo Emails to OE6
The Troll is back, please do not feed the troll.  

Re: OT - Moving Yahoo Emails to OE6
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Sorry, it's a serious question, Peter.  Most folks here have been great  
help to me.

Re: OT - Moving Yahoo Emails to OE6
On Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 12:39:57 PM UTC-4, Newgene McMensa wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
elp to me.

Keep the same handle from one post to the next, give a legitimate location  
and/or real name. Ask your questions directly. Eschew blather. Allow for ac
tual discussion.  

Your method is akin to 'forcing a card'. It is clear from your posts that y
ou have a preconceived notion, and you suffer from extreme confirmation-bia
s. That does not go over well. If you actually are looking for tech-related
 information, this is a good place for such, old or new. But, not by forcin
g an expected solution - AKA trolling. That appears to be no more than you  
wanting to attract attention. Which, as it happens, I believe is entirely t
he case.  

I have transferred e-mails as follows:

Select All
Actions:  Move to: New Folder(name folder)
Attach folder to a new e-mail to the appropriate location.
Transfer received folder to desktop (drag and drop).

If your mail provider(s) limit(s) attachment size, you may have to do this  
several times. Mine do not.

This is not rocket science, but pretty basic stuff. Take that $25 and purch
ase a  clue-stick for yourself. With liberal application, you should do fin

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA

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