URGENT :problem using Ethernet MAC ip core...

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i am using a virtex 2 pro board to implement a communication system,
and want to interface it with my pc (Matlab) via rthernet. for this
purpose, i have acquired a Xilinx Ethernet MAC ip core (OPB). i am new
to this kind of work, and donot know how to use the core. please tell
me, in as simple a way as possible, :

1) what do i get as part of the core? (the hardware descri[tion fi;es
like hdl codes? software drivers to use with an embedded processor?)

2) using Xilinx XPS, how do i use it in my system? (add the core to
project? add as peripheral?)

3) am i required to do any coding to implement this MAC or is
everything available as part of the core?

please reply as soon as possible, and, for my benefit, please keep it

thanks in advance


Re: URGENT :problem using Ethernet MAC ip core...
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blah, blah

You posted this 4 days ago. I worry that you haven't found a solution for
your URGENT problem. Perhaps this link would help you.
You could try calling someone on the telephone. There are folks in India. I
just hope you don't get put through to some guy with a thick English accent
that you can barely understand.
HTH., Syms.

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