UW Grad seeking full time design job

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I am a Computer Engineering graduate student at the University of
Wisconsin - Madison.
I specialize in the area of FPGA/ASIC and VLSI systems design.,
embedded systems and computer architecture design.

I am highly  interested in working Full time from Fall 2004.

Currently I am working on a co-op at GE Medical systems designing
embedded systems for their testing equipment.I am also a research
assistant at the VLSI - EDA labs UW Madison and also a teaching
assistant in the department.

I Graduate in Summer 2004 and am looking for a full time job from Fall
I would be glad to forward you my resume, if you do have any openings
in the same field.
I would be glad to send you any other details if required.

My URL:- www.cae.wisc.edu/~kartik

Eagerly awaiting your reply
Thanking you
Kartik Krishnan

Re: UW Grad seeking full time design job

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I could use a job too, but repeatedly spamming this message across several
newsgroups is a really good way to waste your time. These newsgroups are for
AFTER you get hired, and need some help to get out of a tight spot. ;-)

Re: UW Grad seeking full time design job
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Very good points, and here's a couple
more:  On my side of the country, UW
is University of Washington, no Wisconsin.
I don't have anything against your
school, but it's not what I think of
when someone says UW.

It's also good practice to indicate your
citizenship and/or visa status on your

Re: UW Grad seeking full time design job
On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 08:19:54 -0800, the renowned Jim Stewart

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Around here it's University of Waterloo, especially where programming
is concerned. Wisconsin would probably come third after Washington in
the mental order of precedence.  

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Best regards,
Spehro Pefhany
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Re: UW Grad seeking full time design job

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Why can't you leverage your contacts and relationships at GE Medical systems
and their vendors for a full time position after graduation?  It appears to
me that you are in a perfect position to help yourself if you can just start
looking and view your co-op experience as a job search opportunity as well
as a career-building experience.

Unfortunately, a the majority of the people that subscribe to this newsgroup
are technical professionals (or students) but they usually don't have hiring
or firing authority. They may be aware of unadvertised openings in their
departments, but I've found that many engineers are horrible at networking
or working with human resources in their companies.

My first piece of advice to you is this:  Talk to the Human Resources
department at GE and learn what other positions may be available in other
divisions of GE.

My second piece of advice to you is this:  Read some books on negotiation.
Engineers and other technical professionals are woefully lacking in their
negotiation skills which directly affects their career, usually in a
negative way.  One possible title to review "Negotiate This", by Herb Cohen.

Good Luck,
Bob F.

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