USB CY7C67300 chip HPI

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Does anyone has experience with the Cypress CY7C67300 USB chip. I want to
read it by using the HPI protocol.
I have a PCB with a C167 infineon microcontroller connected to this chip.
I have tried but I can't get it working. Can anybody give me some hints.


Re: USB CY7C67300 chip HPI
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I've used this part successfully. Are you trying to boot the CY7C67300 over
HPI or are you booting with a serial EEPROM and then using your own
protocol? You need to give a bit more information about how you have
connected your system for me to be helpful.

That said:

    +    Have you enabled HPI mode on the Cypress part?

    +    In the software set that I had, various registers
         (the mailbox) and flags were incorrectly defined.
         This doesn't help communications!

I've not had any problem with the HPI interface.


Re: USB CY7C67300 chip HPI
Thanks for your reply,
I have connected the C167 to the CY7C67300 with D0..D15, A0..A1, WR, RD, and
CS. Pin39 and pin40 are connected to ground with both a 10K resistor to
enable the HPI mode.
I do not boot the CY7C67300, do I have to? My first step is to read the
registers over HPI and in that way learning something about USB. Is it
possible to read registers from the CY7C67300 without booting it?
I have already read some registers, but I do not get the expected values
(e.g. the breakpoint register 0xC014 don't give me 0xFFFF). I can read and
write the internal RAM of the chip.
I read ther register by writing 0xC014 to address 0x2(A1=1;A0=0) and then
read address 0x0(A1=0;A0=0). Is this correct?
A lot of questions, I hope you can give me some answers.


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Re: USB CY7C67300 chip HPI

I am trying to boot CY7C67300 through the HPI interface. I have rea
through a lot of pages of documentation (which is slightly confusing).
am planning to load my user code using DMA engine and then issue
COMM_JUMP@CODE command to the HPI mailbox. My user code is scan wrapped
Will it work using this method?



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