Tecel 8051 T1 & S100 boards?

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I've been looking for a source of low cost 8031 pcb's
for projects.  I found a company www.tecel.com that
have some that look promising - a T1 and a S100 board.

Unfortunately the website doesn't give enough
technical info and an email to them hasn't brought
any response.

Has anyone used these boards?  If so, what I would
like to know is:

1.  How is the ROM and RAM mapped on the
     T1 board?  I intend to use my own software
     need to have the ROM and RAM mapped  to
     the same 64K address space i.e. ROM at
     $0000 and RAM at $8000.)

2.  What sizes of EPROM and RAM can the
     T1 accommodate?

3.  The T1 mentions an RS-232 port - does it
      use a MAX232 on board?

4.  The S100 board is ROM only.  What sizes
     of ROM can it handle?

5.  From the picture of the S100, I can't see any
     support chips?  (I assume the LS373 and
     RS232 chip are buried under the mpu and/or
     rom chip - I hope they're not surface mount!)

thanks in advance,

Re: Tecel 8051 T1 & S100 boards?

that stuff looks a lot like it's from the stone age, maybe you want to keep
looking. I think that's from someone in their basement after they lost a day

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Re: Tecel 8051 T1 & S100 boards?
Stone age is good enough :)  I already have several 8031
chips in the junk box and don't need anything fancier for
the moment.

Also I don't want to make my own PCB's or wire-wrap,
so I'm looking for a source of cheap, general purpose
8031 pcb's.

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Re: Tecel 8051 T1 & S100 boards?

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few you could look at

older type
these are quite nice and small, easy to use and cheap if you just get the
and use bits out of your junk box

http://www.hometechfla.com also used a couple of their boards
(again just buy the pcb)

also look on http://www.lvr.com/microc.htm


Re: Tecel 8051 T1 & S100 boards?
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and sources.  There
were several links that I hadn't yet encountered which look


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Re: Tecel 8051 T1 & S100 boards?

try the MCB900 boards from
www.keil.com  or www.hitex.co.uk

They have the Philips LPC 932 on them

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