Start designing with Microchip controllers

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Microchip controllers are very cheap, and the tools needed to start
developing applications are the cheapest existing today!
All you need is the ICD2 Programer/Debuger tool, about 200 USD, and a
good tutorial book. The ICD2 is a tool which you can use for a very
large range of Flash processors (possibly over 200), and the tutorial
book explains how to write firmware for any microcontroller of the
Microchip family. Even more; the tutorial book I am referring to comes
with a Hardware Companion Kit which helps you write and test all your
future firmware programs!
Check this site: /
Do not worry: you will learn this new exciting technology, the easy way!

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You may be surprised but Microchip tools are not the cheapest existing
today! I even think they sell the most expensive development tools for
8-bit microcontrollers I've seen.
Of course there are ICD2 alternatives (like ours) for as low as $90,
but this is much more expensive than the $15 JTAG for MSP430 and MAXQ
devices which offer much more speed and functionality than the ICD2
offers for the PICs.
And of course both TI and Maxim-Dallas offer free of charge IDE with
assembler and debugger which is several levels above the buggy MPLAB.
Just my 2 cents.
Best regards
Tsvetan Usunov
Olimex Ltd
PCB prototypes for $26 at ( )
PCB any volume assembly ( )
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Re: Start designing with Microchip controllers

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If you after low budget stuff and can't build yourself a PIC
programmer for 1/10th of that amount then you really shouldnt be
looking at embedded systems for a hobby or profession.


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