SMSC Ethernet Throughput

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Does anyone have, or know where I can obtain, the continuous data
throughput details for the following SMSC ethernet controllers:


The reason I ask this is because I currently use the LAN91C111 and it
takes approximately 28 milliseconds to transmit a 35KB image. Is this
normal? What this time includes is the DMA time to load the SMSC device
with the packet and then enqueue it. Packet size = 1500 bytes. I sit in
a tight loop until all the packets of the image have been TX'd. The
time required to DMA each packet into the SMSC is a matter of
microseconds, so that is not the problem. The delay seems to be the
latency between enqueuing the packets, and when the SMSC interrupts
indicating that the packet has been sent.

Any details on what I should be getting would be very helpful. What I
am wanting to find out is if the newer network chips: LAN9115-9118 are
much faster.

Thanks for your help

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