set-section-flags of objcopy

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Can anybody tell me where I can find the meaning of every single flag
which is used in set-section-flags of objcopy? i.e. what are the
meaning of "alloc", "load", "readonly", "code", "data", and "rom"?

Thanks a lot!


Re: set-section-flags of objcopy
Quoted text here. Click to load it

`--set-section-flags SECTION=FLAGS'
   Set the flags for the named section.  The FLAGS argument is a
   comma separated string of flag names.  The recognized names are
   `alloc', `contents', `load', `noload', `readonly', `code',
  `data', `rom', `share', and `debug'.  You can set the `contents'
   flag for a section which does not have contents, but it is not
   meaningful to clear the `contents' flag of a section which does
   have contents-just remove the section instead.  Not all flags
   are meaningful for all object file formats.

Note the last sentence. A linux or unix newsgroup might be better.

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