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Can any body provide any good research oriented project proposal for
masters degree. I m interested in embedded system.

Re: project proposal

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Considering that embedded systems are usually in control of something, it
would help us to help you to know what general area you are competent in. I
know that my work throws up some very interesting topics for further
research (but then I am working for a research establishment at present).
However, some of those topics may not be within your capabilities. Some of
the potential research topics will include communications integrity,
synchronisation of dispersed systems, high speed data collection (with time
stamping) and management of multi-terabyte data-logging storage.

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Re: project proposal
Embedded systems is a vast area. I think first you need to narrow down
to a particular domain like communications, power systems,
instrumentaion, control,robotics, mechatronics, automation, avionics,
semiconductors etc. and then look for a specific research topic within
that domain.  Further you may like to subdivide into hardware or
software, microcontrollers or DSPs etc.etc.


Re: project proposal
If you haven't see what your advisor recommends.  My grad school
advisor suggested picking something work related and basing a project
off of that.

Re: project proposal
I think, it would be better to narrow down embedded systems field. I m
interested in such a project where there is something mixture of
hardware and software i.e embedded image/audio/distribted system
processing with any newer idea.

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