Position : GE Devops role

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Dear vendor partner.,

Position : GE Devops role

Location: San Ramon

Client: Harman / GE

Client is particularly looking for the following skill set combination -
AWS + Jenkins pipeline as code + Terraform + Chef/Ansible
We will have to find 3 to 4 more profiles quickly.

 Brief JD for Devops:

thon, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, ClamAV, Puppet, Dockerswarm

d be good.

Total Experience :-  
Relevant Experience :-  
Current Location :-
Visa Type :-
Willing to Relocation :-  
Email :- snipped-for-privacy@up2datetechsol.com

Re: Position : GE Devops role
On 03/23/2017 08:22 AM, up2date technologies wrote:
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Dear Jack --

Thank you for your job posting that is completely unrelated to the work  
done in this newsgroup.  I appreciate your willingness to demonstrate  
publicly a complete lack of understanding of the industries for which  
you are attempting to collect money to recruit for.  It's good to know  
that your company, Up2date Technologies (http://www.up2datecorp.com ), is  
somewhat less selective than a Craigslist ad when trying to hire talent.  
  I will be sure to take into account your utter lack of qualification  
and diligence as a tech recruiter the next time I'm figuring out how to  
staff a project.

Warmest regards,

Rob Gaddi, Highland Technology -- www.highlandtechnology.com
Email address domain is currently out of order.  See above to fix.

Re: Position : GE Devops role
On 03/23/2017 07:06 PM, Rob Gaddi wrote:
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Phil Hobbs

Dr Philip C D Hobbs
Principal Consultant
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