Openssl for uclinux

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Software Enviroment

OpenSuse 10.0 Linux
 arm-elf toolchains  OpenSSL A3%BA 0.9.7c Compiling
1A3%AEdonwload OpenSSL  0.9.7c from openssl.org2.  download the patch for
install opensslA3%A8we assume the current working directory: uClinux-
cd lib
tar zxvf ~/tmp/openssl-0.9.7c.tar.gz
mv openssl-0.9.7c libssl
cd libssl
patch -p1 < ~/tmp/openssl.diff
patch the linux kernelA3%BA
cd linux-2.4.x/include/openssl
patch -p0 < ~/tmp/openssl_linux_include.diff
patch the openssl makefile.
cd user/openssl
patch -p0 < ~/tmp/openssl_makefile.diff
3A3%AE run the configure under the openssl source directory
./configure linux-elf-arm no-shared

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