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Hi to all,

Does anyone have a good alternative for software development on a
MCS1210 from Texas Instruments? The website is for
me the only c-compiler i know of that is usable. Is IAR systems also
possible to use? Anyone with experience with c-compilers on a MCS1210?
I'm used to work with IAR or HiTech for PICs but now i want to use it
with a MSC1210 (the one used in the Elektor project : Mini Webserver)
if possible. Any good open source compiler usable or a Free one with
no limits? Something like SDCC for 8051?

Best regards,


Re: MCS1210
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The Keil is the best bet.

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Yes. I have used the Keil compiler. The MCS1210 was designed to work
with the Keil compiler.

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Re: MCS1210
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I use SDCC and asx8051 to develop code for the MSC12xx.  The generated
code isn't quite as tight as that produced by a good commercial
compiler, but it is quite usable.  About all you'll need is the
definitions for the MSC-specific registers.  Look for application note
SBAA109 on the TI web site (there are bugs in the script used to convert
the header files).


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