Logic simulator?

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Can anyone recommend a Windows based (freeware preferable) logic simulator
program? I really could use one for an embedded system I'm designing (with
some very sticky decode and select logic). Everything I've found so far is
A) written in Java, and the JVM on my computer won't work or B) Written for
Windows 3.1 (complains of missing vga.drv), or C) Written for a platform I
don't own. ;-(

Thanks in advance!


Re: Logic simulator?
On Mon, 6 Sep 2004 18:45:38 -0700, "Neil Bradley"

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Beige Bag has a freeware "lite" version of their Spice + digital logic
simulator at http://www.beigebag.com/adv4_lite.htm . Limited in
components and connections, so you may want to spring for the full pkg.

On the other hand, consider picking up a copy of one of the various
VHDL/Verilog/schematic tools for FPGA/CPLD design. Several vendors offer
a basic package as freeware or register-ware and some include schematic
entry as one of the possible front ends. Check out:

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or just go to Xilinx and look for their free ISE Webpack.

Also, a free edition of Altera Quartus handles schematic entry and


On the other, other hand now might be the time to bite the bullet and
learn VHDL or Verilog and actually implement your logic in a CPLD vice
discretes. You'll be glad you did...  ;-)

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA

Re: Logic simulator?

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Guy the URL Wizard to the rescue!



Re: Logic simulator?
"Guy Macon" <http://www.guymacon.com wrote in message
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You're the man, Rich, and you're the guy, Guy. Thanks again as always!

I'm actually going to eventually put the glue in a 9572, so this will work
out perfectly. Thank you both!


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