ISP1301 driver query

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In Omap730 board we are using external transceiver which is connected
to Omap processor thru’ I2C. I am using external transceiver as
ISP1301.My USB device controller driver code is expecting few
interrupts connected events such as

DEVSTAT.ATT -> Attached/Unattached Handler

DEVSTAT.USB_Reset -> Reset event, This event is triggered from
Host(Windows PC) I suppose.

DEVSTAT.SUS -> Suspend event

DEVSTAT.R_Wk_Ok  -> Remote Wakeup

DEVSTAT.CFG -> Configured state bit

DEVSTAT.ADD -> Addressed State

I am able to receive only DEVSTAT.ATT interrupt. Since USB transceiver
is a external chip , I had to update one control register of USB OTG
register, which wud make interrupt to generate at device controller
side. Even with this exercise I am getting only DEVSTAT.ATT interrupt.
Any idea how other interrupts are generated in external (I2C)
transceiver mode.

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