How to write an header in endpoint buffer of Cypress FX2LP

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We're developing a device using a Cypress FX2LP (a camera with cmos sensor).

An image sensor sends pixels to FX2LP using slave fifo mode.

An interrupt on falling edge of a FRAME_VALID pin signals the end of the
frame; during the endo of frame period no data will be written (SLWR is

In that period of silence, we need to write an header of 12 bytes in
endpoint 2, so that the following upcoming pixel data will be APPENDED in
the same packet to the firmware-written header.

We have plenty of time to write the header (1 ms...)  BUT we need to make
the slave fifo interface APPEND the pixel data of next coming first line to
the header that the firmware writes.

We are able to send packets written from firmware, OR sending packets
written from slave fifo in AUTOIN mode.

But we are not able to write an header, and force the slave fifo logic NOT
to overwrite the bytes already written by firmware.

We tried not to commit the packet without writing in the EP2 byte count
registers, but in that case the header will be overwritten by slave fifo
If we commit the buffer after writing the header, the packet will be sent,
containing only the 12 bytes.

Seems that we need to send header + first pixel data in the same bulk
packet, otherwise host driver won't be happy.

Is it possible, without introducing an external CPLD in the datapath ?

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