High speed communication to PC!!

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Hi all,

I am working for one of the application,where the input data rate to
the unit is 1.6Mbps.It is required to read this data and display it in
the normal pc.
I am  confused how shall I cope up with this high data rate .
I thought of using parallel port but I don't think that practically it
would give this much data rate.I don't have USB and PCI options.
Actually Unit has to sample the data@1.6Mbps in a FPGA(The datain is
output of an ADC@100khz) decode it and feed it to the pc and display
I need to have some high spped means for communication between pc and
my FPGA device.
Once again I don't have PCI or USB option.

Can anybody please suggest me something

Thanks and best regards

praveen deshpande

Re: High speed communication to PC!!
Well I hate to burst your bubble but apart from magic your options are very
limited.  Firewire is one way and this would be on the motherboard or a pci
card.  You do not specify much but can you not buffer it.

It also sound as if a datalogger could also do it for you but maybe you need
to spec it a bit better.

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Re: High speed communication to PC!!

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Why not impliment an averaging component in the embedded system to
essentually slow down the rate rate i.e. 1 point to the computer = an
average of x number of ADC samples.

Another problem to your system will be graphing that much data... at
some point you are going to have to reduce your data points.


Re: High speed communication to PC!!
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1.6Mbps = 200,000 bytes per second.
The parallel port can do this (done that with RTlinux for my diploma).
Ok, had only 375Kpbs, but it was a 486DX100 and I used only 4
controll-lines as input).

Put a little fifo in between, so that you do not get an interrupt for
every byte (Atmel/IDT have some nice, 7201 or 7208 I used)

Or: Use the ATA/IDE interface :-)

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