Extremely long delay loop on PIC16F84

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I am working on my first project using a 4MHz PIC16F84. The whole
purpose of the project is to set portb<0> pin from HIGH to LOW for a
prolong period (as much as 30 minutes) before tuning back to HIGH upon
detection of activity at porta pins.

My idea is to cascade a series of fully loaded counters (I am using 4
8-bit file registers, i.e. count1 to count4, in my experiment) so as
to generate the required lengthy delay. The idea is simple but it
doesn't work out as expected however.

What's strange about the counting process is count3 will only count
from 0xFF to 0xF5 before reseting itself to 0xFF. That is where my
trouble is about. It has been confirmed both on simulator and my
hardware circuit. If I load the counters with smaller initial values,
say 0x0F, the problem disappears. Of course, smaller values doesn't
generate long delay. Can somebody give me some idea about why the PIC
behaves differently from what the programme logic states?

Below is the problematic code that I've been experimenting. Thanks for
any help.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; PROBLEMATIC PIC CODE
        list    p16%F84          
        radix    hex
porta        equ    0x05
portb        equ     0x06
count1        equ    0x0c
count2        equ    0x0d
count3        equ    0x0e
count4        equ    0x0f

        org     0x000       ; processor reset vector
        goto    start
start    movlw    0xff
    tris    porta        ; configure porta as input port
    movlw    0x00
    tris    portb        ; configure portb as output port
    clrf    portb        ; set portb LOW
scan    btfss    porta, 0
    call    timer
    btfss    porta, 2
    call    timer
    btfss    porta, 3
    call    timer        
    goto    scan    

timer    bsf    portb, 0    ; set portb<0> HIGH

    ; initialise count1 to count4
    movlw    0xff
    movwf    count1        
    movlw    0xff
    movwf    count2        
    movlw    0xff
    movwf    count3        
    movlw    0xff
    movwf    count4
delay    decfsz    count1, f
    goto    delay
    movlw    0xff
    movwf    count1
    decfsz    count2, f
    goto    delay
    movlw    0xff
    movwf    count2
    decfsz    count3, f     ; THIS GUY NEVER COME TO ZERO BUT 0xF5, WHY???
    goto    delay
    movlw    0xff
    movwf    count3
    decfsz    count4, f
    goto    delay
    bcf    portb, 0    ; set portb<0> LOW


Re: Extremely long delay loop on PIC16F84

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Is there a watchdog enabled that resets the PIC?

Thanks, Frank.
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Re: Extremely long delay loop on PIC16F84

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The value of f should be 1. I don't see f defined anywhere so it might
default to 0 or 0xf, who knows? Just an idea, try removing the ",f" from
each decfsz instruction or replace the "f" with a "1" like

decfsz count3 // This way defaults destination to file


decfsz count3,1 // This way specifies save to file.


Re: Extremely long delay loop on PIC16F84

Why not use a timer?

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