Do NEC's K8 tools work?

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Quick question to anyone working with the K8 series from NEC: Do you
see these issues with the LCE? (These are my MAIN problems, I do have
others as well)

* debugger frequently crashes with an error in MFC42.DLL
* when you set a breakpoint, the emulator will stop when it fires but
the PC displayed will be miles away from the breakpoint
* the debugger frequently falls "out of sync" with the hardware; e.g.
it's usually not possible to resume execution after hitting a
breakpoint; you get an error saying the Evachip is in the wrong state,
followed by the aforementioned MFC42.DLL error.

I am wondering if there is something weird going on with my systems
(tried it on two so far) or if the tools are just garbage.

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