Cypress FX2 on an FPGA board, Basic Questions

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Hello all,

I have very basic questions about the FX2.

My FX2 is embedded onto an FPGA expansion board and the only pins
accessible from FPGA are
the FIFO interface pins. So I can write a state machine to do the
reading and writing
from the FIFO using the external master and provide an external clock
through the FPGA board
(as suggests the TRM), but I have a few basic questions about
configuration, FIFO, transfer rates,
and modes.

I have used a windriver application to create an *.inf file and hence
the device
is recognized correctly, I can also access the chip using the console

1. How can I change the IFCONFIG register to set the I/O ports to
slave FIFO mode? Or as such
how can I access the SFRs of the FX2, if it is soldered onto the board
and I cannot burn
custom application into it? Can I reprogram the FX2 or its FSRs with
USB connection?

2. Another question is about the transfer rates. I want to transfer
audio data over the
USB and hence I have decided on the default alternate setting 3
(endpoint 2 and 6 double buffered,
iso in/out), but if I transfer a frame of 512 bytes isochronously
every 125 us in High Speed mode
how can I end up with transfer rates as high as 56MB/s? Can someone
help out with the maths?

3. How can I change device configuration to switch operation from Full
Speed to High Speed mode?

Thanks in advance


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