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What do manufacturers do to make cheap batteries?  I
got some cheap cell phone batteries that came from
Hong Kong and were made in China.  After very limited
use, the batteries failed.  I can't imagine how they
could have been built such that they'd had such a
limited life.  Chemistry is chemistry is...

Re: Cheap batteries
On Fri, 25 Nov 2005 14:25:38 PST, in comp.arch.embedded

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profit margin is profit margin,


Re: Cheap batteries
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... highly dependant on the processes used in the manufacture,
purity, material preparation, etc ...


Re: Cheap batteries

Everett M. Greene wrote:

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Try weighing one and then wweighing a name-brand battery.

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Re: Cheap batteries

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I can assure you then when it comes to batteries supplied
in the box with a consumer products like cell phones, the item
was selected as the cheapest one that met the spec (which
does not include a longevity test).  The brand of the cell phone
manafacturer is then stamped on afterwards to make this
cheapest of the cheap battery the branded item.

They cost under 2 dollars each, and when you need to buy a
new one they expect you to pay 30-40 dollars for it.  I don't
know about the US, but in Europe that's more than the
subsidized cost of the phone.  Go figure.

And finally, you can't use the country that I am currently
posting from to establish where I learnt the above.


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