Buffer of data with the lantronix xport

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i tried to get some experiences with the testboard of the xport. Up to
now it's possible to show the serial data on a webpage. For this i used
the example given from lantronix.

But now there appeared a problem. How can buffer the data of the serial
port? The data are only represented from the time of the call of the
java applet. Earlier data are lost.
Is there a possibility to buffer the serial data? After possibility
without additional hardware components ..

Thanks for your answers,
Benjamin Schmidt

Re: Buffer of data with the lantronix xport

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I think you'd need to write a data logger that buffers data into the XPort's
onboard 1.25MB ram. The easiest way would be to adapt their firmware to
buffer up the data until it gets a connection when it will dump it all out.
Apparently you can develop firmware using the C++Builder IDE. I had an
application I wanted to build but we never could get the source code or SDK
out of Lantronix to do this so we did something else instead.


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