Bringing up ecos on Integrator/AP.

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Dear friends,

          I am very newbie to this list and also ecos... I have a
Integrator /AP (ARM920T) Evaluation Board.  It has 128MB SDRAM. Actually
m trying to run ecos + application program on it. Basically i dont know th
exact procedure to follow..

           My Evalutation Board has inbuilt ARM BootPROM. Using that
have downloaded prebuilt Redboot to Flash. Redboot is working fine. I hav
compiled ecos using configtool.exe (cygwin Env). While i was trying t
download the final image, i wasnot getting download... I have compiled m
in RAM mode.
            I thought that, the prebuilt Redboot shows on 16MB SDRAM. bu
mine has 128MB. So that could be a problem. So i have changed *.ldi, *.
files for RAMSIZE entries. But THERE ARE NO PROGRESS SOFAR...Any on
worked on this kind of Environment please help me out ...

             I am hanging in this problem last 4 days.... Even i hav
posted in ecos-discuss mailing list . There was no reply so far... I hop
this is the right place to shoot my question and hope that i ll get th
right direction.


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Re: Bringing up ecos on Integrator/AP.
How are you downloading the image. Through tftp ?

What is Redboot giving after downloading your image ?


Re: Bringing up ecos on Integrator/AP.
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    Actually very first, i was trying with serial port ... but it was no
helpful... i dont know why ... I tried with tftp ... Yes!!!... I wa
downloaded successfully... and starts working also... Thanks for you

    Now came with another issue... Actually i m using ecos snapsho
packages... While rebuilding my redboot using configtool,i have choosen
"ARM INTEGRATOR development board w/ ARM966" Template.  I have compile
without any problem.. It was working also. when i go through configuratio
window in configtool, it shows "ARM ARM920T Microprocessor" option unde
ARM ARM9 ARchitecure was disabled. instead of this , ARM ARM966E wa
enabled... so i have changed option by enabling ARM920T... It throws
conflict message.. i resolved it... compiled successfully... But it is no
working in Board...
Please tell me what is wrong with it..

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