AD: SpeakJet, SP0256-AL2's and SV1000 Video Generator IC

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I'm having a sale on various items at

SpeakJet Speech Synthesizer IC
The SpeakJet is a completely self contained, single chip voice and
complex sound synthesizer. It uses a mathematical sound algorithm to
control an internal five channel sound synthesizer to generate
on-the-fly, unlimited vocabulary speech synthesis and complex sound

SP0256-AL2 Speech Synthesizer IC
The SP0256-AL2 produces all 59 phonemes of the English language plus 5
pauses of different durations. Each of the phoneme's speech patterns
are individually addressable, making the SP0256-AL2 capable of saying
anything that can be said in the English language. This is the simplest
approach to universal speech synthesis and the speech quality makes for
a good robot voice.

SV1000 Video Generator IC  NTSC/PAL/SECAM
The SV1000 Video Generator IC Controller is a simple to use, low cost,
low power embeddable video generator that requires no external memory
to operate.  Commands are sent to the SV1000 using a serial port.  The
NTSC video output will drive a TV, VCR or any other composite display.

Re: AD: SpeakJet, SP0256-AL2's and SV1000 Video Generator IC
SpeakJets are back in stock. wrote:
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