Accessing a data structure in atmega128

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hi good day,
           We are using  codevision AVR as compiler for atmega128 , and
bootloader(upper 2K) for loading application firmware(start from 0x0000
, size nearly 70K) and a separate data structure(start from 0xB400,
size nearly 20K). Now we want to access that data structure from our
application firmware.Actually we failed to access the upper 64k area by
declaring a pointer to that memory address.But we can access whatever
location which is below than 64K like as follow,

int flash *fp;

fp = 0x6800;
(this pointer point to 0x68 th page(104 th page), that means the actual
memory location is 0x3400)

what should we do to access the actual memory location 0xB400( that
means 360 th page (0x168 th page)).In atmega128 the address line is 16
bit. Can anybody point out me the correct direction to solve this
problem. thank you

with regards

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