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Does anyone know of any low cost a/d converters than are easy to interface
via SPI, rs232. The performance requirements are the following

1. 8 bit resolution, min, more if not scalable inputs.
2. Sample and hold input preferably with scaling.
3. input voltages from + - 1 volts.
4. conversion rate of <10/sec
5. packaging not surface mount for ease of prototype assembly.

thanks for any information.

Re: a/d convertor
While I don't know of any specific devices to recommend to you, try
different manafacturers web pages, such as analog devices, texas
instruments, microchip, etc, all of which have parametric search tables
that will help you locate a suitable device.  Digikey is also a pretty
good place to look as their search system is geared towards parameter

Re: a/d convertor

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Google returns 651 hits on "SPI A2D".
RS232 would be difficult to find.

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No problem at all.

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Not a problem.

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No problem.

No prob.

That's tough.  Perhaps easy to solder SMD.   SMDs are not so difficult.
We can handle almost all SMD except fine-pitch (<1mm) BGA.
Even for BGA, the problem is making a good PCB, not with the BGA

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