rf amp schematics 600 mw or less

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hi, any one point me in the right direction for a diy  rf amp  for 315 mhz
and 433 mhz with  output of 600 mw or less ?
mark k

Re: rf amp schematics 600 mw or less
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Hi Mark,

Consider the "Australia" legal limit for 433MHz as mandated in the  ACMA
LIPD (low interference potential devices) standard is 25mW EIRP.  Why do you
need 600mW? Is the transmitter
for Australia?

Information on the LIPD is available from here.


and written in to Australian Commonweath Law here

A part from being used oversea,  the only other reason is you have a very
lossy antenna (575mW of loss).

==>  Hint..... there are other frequencies in the LIPD standard that allow
up to 1watt.


Re: rf amp schematics 600 mw or less
hi, hmmmm  max of 25 mw ?? there are  " australian appproved " wifi cards in
laptops and pcmcia that are 50 mw to 100 mw , i clicked on the link
http://www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/pc=PC_297 but cant find anything  about
the max mw output .

mark k

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Re: rf amp schematics 600 mw or less
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The best documents regarding Australian RF limits is available from here

WiFi is in the 2400MHz  band and it covered by these documents

19        All transmitters 2400-2483.5 10 mW  (any type of modulation

45A     Digital modulation transmitters    2400-2483.5    4 W (1.The
radiated peak power spectral density in any 3 kHz is limited to 25 mW per 3
kHz. 2. The minimum 6 dB bandwidth must be at

least 500 kHz).

53      Frequency hopping  transmitters  2400-2483.5     500 mW (A minimum
of 15 hopping frequencies must be used.)

54      Frequency hopping transmitters    2400-2483.5      4 W  (A minimum
of 75 hopping frequencies must be used)

Regs  Joe

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