Protecting horn switch contacts against arcing damage

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Well it's half on topic....horn switch contacts in a 24V vehicle.

The contacts seem to have lost whatever protective plating they had. If I
clean them up they work well for a week or so and then oxidise up and become

Any suggestions on some sort of protective gel I can apply. I've the usual
contact cleaners etc but nothing for protecting contacts switching a
reasonably large current.


Re: Protecting horn switch contacts against arcing damage

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If you are concerened about them arcing, (which is then pitting,
burning and damaging the contacts) try a 1-2UF poly capacitor across
the contacts.

IF they are switching a logic circuit, or something that draws
virtually no current (not enough to "burn" through any crap that
accumulates), you could try adding a 1k resistor across the load.  (ie
- if the contacts switch the load to earth, then add the resistor
between the contact that doesn't go to earth, and 24v supply.

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