Overpriced crimp-lugs

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Dropped into J R Turke today, to buy some forked spade crimp lugs, a bit  
like there


but with a 6mm gap. I took the bag of 50 to the counter. The asking  
price was $47.50. That is, nearly $1 per lug.

I declined.


Re: Overpriced crimp-lugs

"Sylvia Else"
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** WES Components:

Spade terminals, crimp type, 6.4mm gap in 3 wire gauges.

$6.59, $7.95 and $9.77  + gst

for a bag of 100.

....   Phil

Re: Overpriced crimp-lugs
On 8/03/2013 4:50 PM, Phil Allison wrote:
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Re: Overpriced crimp-lugs

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In the UK we more or less have a choice between the expensive ones with  
brazed seams on the crimp tube or the cheap ones that have those hard  
plastic sleeves that you "crimp" along with the terminal - the latter are  
next to useless and pull off the wire dead easy. What I do is pull the  
plastic sleeve off and crimp them with the tool for the bare metal ones. If  
you need a really reliable crimp - finish off with a spot of solder, enough  
solder to wick up the wire creates a fatigue point though.

If a terminal needs insulation, I use heat shrink sleeve.  

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