Farnell's repricing gets up my nose

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Hi there,

One day I may script something to check more purchases, but this will do
as a recent example of Farnell Australia's repricing policy:

Farnell Australia price rises over 14 days.
Order placed 13/09/2010, price checked 27/09/2010

    part  qty   old    new   rise
 1581195   60  3.60  47.58  1221%
 1142459   50  4.50   5.50    22%
 1581159  100  2.00  29.00  1350%
 1581128  100  2.00  16.20   710%
 1581134  100  3.00  18.90   529%
 1581131  100  3.00  18.90   529%
 1581099  100  4.00  16.00   300%
 1581160  100  4.00  18.00   350%
 6480986  200  3.40   0.00     0% Out of Stock
 1142572  100  6.80   6.80     0%

They're LEDs, buy a few hundred and most are repriced upwards, one
became unavailable, and only the last item didn't move.  There was
one colour and style I quite liked, was going to order more until
I saw the 350% rise :(

I didn't buy the last remaining 200 of second last item, Farnell's other
technique is to change the part number or zero the stock level.  This order
was mixed AU, UK and US stock.

I asked Farnell about their repricing policy a few times with no response,
do other companies do this by such a percentage?  Supermarket trick?  But
even they don't change by these sort of margins.  This while our dollar
is going up, no way can it be due to currency fluctuations.

Not a one off either.  Farnell being pulling this trick for many months,
local call centre claims they're dismayed by the actions too, as people
are obviously upset when budget or prototype pricing goes awry.

Where does one buy LEDs in .au?  Farnell and RS Comp seem way overpriced.
At least they got datasheets.  Buying from Asian sellers (direct or ebay)
is very much pot luck on quality in the small quantities I'm looking for.


Re: Farnell's repricing gets up my nose
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Re: Farnell's repricing gets up my nose

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