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Hi all, after reading the other thread about the various mini scopes I
purchased one of these from Sparkfun for $AUD99.95:


It only turned up today so haven't had a good play around with but upgraded
to the BenF firmware and looks good for the price. Quite a nice screen and
build quality looks pretty decent for the price. I've got an Agilent DSO but
thought this would be ideal to whip out for quick tests like checking a
serial line at least has data coming out it, and generally tracing that low
speed control signals are doing something. Obviously not a replacement for
"proper" gear but I can see it'll save some frustration moving and setting
up the bigger gear just to find a broken cable or that a clock multiplier is
vastly wrong.

Being open source when time permits I might also have a go at adding a
serial analyser to view micro debug output and that GPS modules are working
and have acquired etc. When / if I get around to that it that should time
having to setup a PC and flip adapters for 3V / 5V / RS232 etc.

First time I've been here for a while, I'm Peter that used to run CommLinx
Solutions and it's good to see a few familiar names still around the place.

Re: DSO Nano 2

"Peter Johnson" <Nobody> wrote in message
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**S-W-E-E-T. Please give us your impressions of this device. Looks like a
handy addition to the tool box. Hell, at the price, I could bolt one to the
dummy loads and another to the line level monitor.

Trevor Wilson

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