'systemctl default' required to fully boot after upgrade to jessie

I have a Pi + external USB drive running as a home server, along these
formatting link

I started with the wheezy image. This morning I upgraded to jessie by
editing the *.list files and running the following:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
It seemed to be fine until the reboot. Looking around on the WWW, I
found something about a bug in a recent kernel that kept
root=PARTUIID=... in cmdline.txt from working, so I plugged the SD
card into another computer and changed it to root=/dev/sda1 (there's
only 1 USB drive attached, so it will always be sda). I think that
got it pingable but it still wasn't ssh-able, so I had to plug a
keyboard & monitor into it. It always ends up in the emergency shell
with no ssh, but when I type 'systemctl default' at the keyboard it
ends up working fine, but I have to it again after a reboot.
This mini-server is supposed to be headless in a cupboard, not
attached to the TV in the living room, so I need to get it to boot
fully unattended again. I've tried the following:
commenting out the swap & tmpfs entries in /etc/fstab (they point to
encrypted partitions that come from /etc/crypttab)
disabling dphys-swapfile
blacklisting the cfg80211 module (the server uses only wired

I'm running out of ideas & haven't found anything in the syslog,
although I'm not entirely sure what to look for.
Any suggestions?
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Save your files & settings, wipe the sd card, burn a brand new Jessie image, restore files & settings... Sorry.
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A. Dumas
Doing that now. I had to wrestle with two big problems to get this to boot headlessly:
* there's a bug in the current jessie kernel that it's compiled without support for root=UUID= in 'cmdline.txt', but PARTUUID still works;
I thought I had problems with the automatic swap setup conflicting with my line in /etc/fstab which refers to a device created by /etc/cryptab (I like encrypted swap), but I just realized that the line I commented out before the recent successful headless boot was this one!
/dev/mapper/etmp /tmp ext4 defaults 0 0
The swap one is still there.
I also had a problem with /var/lib/dpkg/* being totally wrong, since /var is a partition on the USB drive (so it reflected the system just before I gave up), but I figured that out.
# mkdir /mnt/fullroot # mount --bind / fullroot/ # cd /var/lib/ # mv dpkg/ dpkg.HOSED # cp -a /mnt/fullroot/var/lib/dpkg . # apt-get update
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