Re: BBS Software for Rasp

How hard would it be for BBS software to run on telnet?
I am posting this message on BBS software that runs on telnet, and http,
too. I actually run three boards... two are meant specifically for telnet
(and one of those runs on a Pi), and the third runs they same DOS BBS
package I have used for 30 years now. It can accept dial-up and telnet
I remember years ago that I had some program that would do telnet and
> there were BBSs you could connect to. Could BBS software be modified
> to be accessed from the web using a browser link?
Yes, if it is set up correctly or offers http natively.
Running Synchronet - port 26 (http @ same url)
Running Magicka on a pi - port 7636
Running GT Power - port 27 (dial up 5028758938)
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