Omxplayer No Analog Sound Out On Raspberry PI

Hello, We are tring to bring up OMX player in our RPI setup with HDMI video and a nalog Audio jack. Initailly we tested the omxplayer from Raspbien image suc cesfully for both audio as well as video. But when we are compiling the ker nel 3.12.7 and omxplayer version 0.2 (huceke/omxplayer) with the Linaro too lchain GCC version 4.7 ourselves, omxplayer is playing video fine but audio is not working. I tested with the following scenario

  1. 128mb reserved for GPU. 2. Tested with both hdmi and dvi mode config options (hdmi_drive = 2). 3. playing audio with asound is working But I still can't get analog sound out. Here is my omxplayer log

01:37:30 T:1555308864 DEBUG: DllOMX: Using omx system library

01:37:30 T:1555313283 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.a udio_render input port 100 output port 100 01:37:30 T:1555314118 DEBUG: DllOMX: Using omx system library 01:37:30 T:1555318303 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.a udio_decode input port 120 output port 121 01:37:30 T:1555318577 DEBUG: DllOMX: Using omx system library 01:37:30 T:1555325512 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.a udio_mixer input port 232 output port 231 01:37:30 T:1555334347 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::AllocInputBuffers compone nt( OMX.broadcom.audio_decode) - port(120), nBufferCountMin(4), nBufferCoun tActual(43), nBufferSize(16384), nBufferAlignmen(16) 01:37:30 T:1555393846 DEBUG: COMXAudio::Initialize Ouput bps 16 samplerat e 44100 channels 2 device local buffer size 705600 bytes per second 352800 passthrough 0 hwdecode 0 01:37:30 T:1555394168 DEBUG: COMXAudio::Initialize Input bps 32 samplerat e 44100 channels 2 device local buffer size 705600 bytes per second 352800 passthrough 0 hwdecode 0 01:37:30 T:1555399281 DEBUG: OMXThread::Create - Thread with id -12936262 72 started 01:37:30 T:1555416510 DEBUG: COMXAudioCodecOMX::Decode(0xe2f028,4096) for mat=1(8) chan=2 samples=1024 size=4096/8192,4096/4096,4096 data=0 xe42770,(nil),(nil),(nil),(nil),(nil),(nil),(nil) 01:37:30 T:1555418818 DEBUG: COMXAudioCodecOMX::GetData size=0/8192/819 2 cont=1 buf=0xb2eac010 01:37:30 T:1555426166 ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::SetParameter - OMX.broadc om.audio_mixer failed with omx_err(0x80001005) 01:37:30 T:1555430745 ERROR: COMXAudio::AddPackets error SetParameter 1 o mx_err(0x80001005) 01:37:30 T:1555443776 DEBUG: pcm->nPortIndex : 232 01:37:30 T:1555444069 DEBUG: pcm->eNumData : 0 01:37:30 T:1555444205 DEBUG: pcm->eEndian : 1 01:37:30 T:1555444338 DEBUG: pcm->bInterleaved : 1 01:37:30 T:1555444467 DEBUG: pcm->nBitPerSample : 16 01:37:30 T:1555444597 DEBUG: pcm->ePCMMode : 0 01:37:30 T:1555444718 DEBUG: pcm->nChannels : 2 01:37:30 T:1555444844 DEBUG: pcm->nSamplingRate : 44100 01:37:30 T:1555444970 DEBUG: OMX_AUDIO_ChannelLF 01:37:30 T:1555445088 DEBUG: OMX_AUDIO_ChannelRF 01:37:30 T:1555445211 DEBUG: pcm->nPortIndex : 100 01:37:30 T:1555445339 DEBUG: pcm->eNumData : 0 01:37:30 T:1555445463 DEBUG: pcm->eEndian : 1 01:37:30 T:1555445592 DEBUG: pcm->bInterleaved : 1 01:37:30 T:1555445716 DEBUG: pcm->nBitPerSample : 16 01:37:30 T:1555445840 DEBUG: pcm->ePCMMode : 0 01:37:30 T:1555445962 DEBUG: pcm->nChannels : 2 01:37:30 T:1555446087 DEBUG: pcm->nSamplingRate : 44100 01:37:30 T:1555446213 DEBUG: OMX_AUDIO_ChannelLF 01:37:30 T:1555446333 DEBUG: OMX_AUDIO_ChannelRF 01:37:30 T:1555802224 DEBUG: OMXThread::Run - Exited thread with id -129 3626272 01:37:30 T:1555803889 DEBUG: OMXThread::StopThread - Thread stopped 01:37:30 T:1555811133 ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::DecoderEventHandler OMX.b roadcom.audio_mixer - OMX_ErrorPortUnpopulated port 0, cannot parse input s tream

Can somebody could help us out?

Thanks & Regards, Mani

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ஜெ மணிகண்டன்
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Have you tried the "-o local" option on the omxplayer command line to force analog audio instead of hdmi digital?

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Hello Dom, Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I have tried the "-o local" option, But there is no any improvements.

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ஜெ மணிகண்டன்

In a mad moment - ?? ????????? mumbled :

{snip details]

Have you tried adding this line to the "CONFIG/TEXT" file?

hdmi_ignore_edid_audio=1 #Diverts audio to 3.5mm skt of Pi

NOTE - I am a RiscOS user and I only tried this once , for fun! and not with Linux.


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Bryn Evans

Hello Bryn Evans, Thanks for your response. Config Option "hdmi_ignore_edid_audio=1" not help for me.

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ஜெ மணிகண்டன்

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