Hmmm: the Pi Desktop case

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    The Pi Desktop will sell for about $56 when it becomes
    available to North American customers on Monday, June 5.

    The kit itself features an add-on board that connects via the
    Raspberry Pi?s 40-pin GPIO. The board carries the mSATA
    interface, a power controller, and a system clock. In
    addition, the kit offers the case, a heat sink, a USB adapter,
    the system clock battery, and enough spacers and screws to put
    your tiny new Raspberry Pi desktop PC together.

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Re: Hmmm: the Pi Desktop case
On Wed, 24 May 2017 19:24:22 -0000 (UTC)

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Looks really nice.  I've looked over my use cases for home computing,
and this case with a Pi would cover 95% of my computer usage.  The one
place where I'd need bigger iron is ripping DVDs with Handbrake.  

The thing looks really good, too.

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