Desktop icon order?

I'm probably missing something simple, but I haven't found it.
[I guess it's more of a general Debian/LXDE question actually,
but as it's my Pi that concerns me...]
What determines the order of the icons on the desktop? It
seems to be totally arbitrary, but unchangeable. Both the file
manager and the Desktop itself show the same order, but it's not
alphabetical, by date, by size, or anything else I can figure
Be nice if, for instance, I could pull Mathematica out from
between the two IDLE versions. (I've already added one or two,
and moved ones I don't want into a subdirectory, but I can't
fix up the order as I want.)
-- Pete --
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a quick google seems to reveal that a lihtweight desktop called lxde simply doesn't have the feature required..

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The Natural Philosopher
Well, duhh... It seems I didn't try hard enough! You *can* simply drag the icons around -- provided you drag them a decent distance. If it's less than an icon width, it thinks you're trying to move the file into itself, and throws an error panel. (Or maybe I was trying to do it in the filemanager window, where the order *is* immutable -- and remains in the original arbitrary desktop sequence.)
-- Pete --
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