Best media server software for the Pi?

Hallo group,
which media server software you use? I have a model b (256 mb) and I
have tested raspbmc and minidlna (under raspbian).
The raspbmc caused freezes on my Pi, at every rescan and sometimes
whithout to know a reason.
Minidlna works fine, but it shows me all artists they only present in
samplers. I don't want to see this, it's terrible. I think this cannot
be configured in that media server.
Additional informations: I use it only for music (flac), my collection
is about 700gb of files. In my network are two renderer present.

							Gerhard Kocher
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Michael Schütz
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In that case, have you tried mpd?
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Roger Bell_West
Roger Bell_West schrieb:
No, not yet. I will try next time.
Thanks, Schultze
							Hermann Hesse
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Michael Schütz
mpd is just fine, and since you are German: There was a nice setup manual in c't magazine 14, 2014. I have it as pdf. :) As a remote control I use Droid MPD on an Android tablet and Web1.0MPC (web based client, needs Apache, I have it on installed on a NAS box).
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And now for something completely different...
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Joerg Walther
Joerg Walther schrieb:
Danke, Schultze
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Michael Schütz
Thank You for this !!
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hamilton schrieb:
You're welcome! ;-)
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