BananaPi Router R1 small pin header?

I hope this ("banana pi") fits here ("raspberry pi") ...
I have a Banana Pi R1 which is my central home-automation hub and, thus
runs 24x7.
I have now attached a DVBSky receiver using the only USB port available
but I would need some more USB stuff. I tried a USB hub, but as I also
have a webcam attached, this seems to switch everything to USB1.1 and
the DVBSky doesn't like that.
Now I was thinking if there may be another USB connector available, eg
on the small 8-pin header next to the IR receiver.
I have not been able to find a description referring to that connector
(or to the two pins next to that).
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Josef Moellers
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Ah ... found it in the BPi schematics:
The 2x4 header has UART7_TX, UART7_RX, "PH3", "PH5" and some power lines. The 2-pin header next to that has UART0_TX and UART0_RX.
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Josef Moellers
Dana Fri, 5 Feb 2021 08:44:50 +0100, Josef Moellers napis'o:
Would second USB hub solve the problem? HUB -> HUB -> webcam? Or some kind of "smarter" hub that can run ports on 1.1 and 2?
I don't think it has another USB as it is used internally for other devices (wifi, net).
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Nikolaj Lazic
That sounds like an unsuitable hub. Many USB 2 ones aren't very good. I'd suggest a USB 3.0 hub - you won't be connecting the USB 3 wires, but the quality of chips inside is much better.
So no USB there. However there is a USB OTG port, so with an adapter:
formatting link
(I searched for 'micro usb otg')
you should be able to connect another USB device.
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Well, aamof it IS a USB3.0 hub (a German brand "LC-Power LC-HUB-ALU-2B-4") but it says in the manual that it switches to 2.0 if you plug in a 2.0 device.
That's a good hint. I'l try that ... once I get a stable OS running.
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Josef Möllers

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