Setting aside the abusive and somewhat infantile interjections
from (too) many quarters, it remains that my interest in the Pi 3
is as a vehicle for low-level systems programming on a 64 bit architecture.
Is anyone else here inspired excitedly by such things,
just as we were with our naked PDPs back inthe 1970s?
One such challenge on the PDP11-20 was to write a program that left
ALL of memory cleared (including the last instruction to be executed)
and with all the registers cleared.
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gareth G4SDW GQRP #3339
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If you haven't looked at the Beagle Bone, it is also a great vehicle, and has a lot more I/O. I've used it in some projects with great success. The Beagle Bone Green has the video output removed, and is a lot cheaper. All of the "Bones" have two 200 MHz 32-bit RISC microcontrollers they call "PRU"s (Programmable Real Time Units) that have high-speed direct I/O pins. So, you can have 5 ns interaction with a small set of I/O pins. I emulated an old DMA card with it, sending pixels to a laser photoplotter every 5 us.
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