Yamaha Stagepas 300 - followup

I only got back to this today , as no rush for it. The short plug-plug link between the amp and its own speaker (amp sits in the speaker housing then separate outlier sppeaker) has metal elbow 1/4 inch plugs, in touching distance of the L speaker output is a metal handle . Maybe not original but even so. L is the inverted channel and so metalwork of the plug is hot, elbow rotates a bit , toyuiches handle and so blown amp. Nylon spiral wrap around this rod-handle and some heatshrink over the elbows. Straight speaker plugs would be ok if plastic , if metal then would await a screwdriver or something to bridge that gap. L and R only applies to extraneous inputs, no pan control on the 300 I spent another 20 minutes trying to spot the difference between the PA , there must be an inverter somewhere but nothing spied. Anyway up and going now with repaired tiny D-Class power amp , matching its unsullied fellow.

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Yamaha do kindly warn that if you do not use the speakers AND speaker cables supplied, damage to the amplifier may result.

No mention of inverted outputs though.

How nice.


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Gareth Magennis

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