why we often get bad service

A cable technician was here today for two hours. The digital TV box refused to supply on-demand movies. He completely redid the F fittings, replaced the splitters in the attic and re-routed the circuits. Signals came up in excess of 10dB at two critical locations. It was extremely hot in the attic and he was up there for over an hour. He was drenched in perspiration.

Other techs (same company) have been up in that attic 5 times over the last

3 years. He is the first one to finally do the job right (I have had TV issues and repeating broad-band Internet issues).

So, in chatting with this guy while feeding him cold drinks he said that his boss complains about his productivity. I will write a letter to his company reminding them that the quick in-and-out techs who have been here in the past no doubt have more calls per day, but someone needs to look at the call backs too.

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Unfortunately that will probably make no difference.

Bosses these days don't seem to care about the *quality* of the result from a call-out, they just want any result so that they can sign it off.


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Eeyore wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com:

*snip: Good experience with competent tech*

Employees will work hard to maximize whatever metric of success you use. (This seems to be making the rounds of who's idea it was.)


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