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Hi I have a Toshiba TV MDL40RV525U that flickers for a while when turned on and after a while it settles down, it gets worse every time I turn it on, I'm thinking power supply. Thanks for any advice I can get. Vince

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Vince Schmitt
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You might also give a thorough, careful internal cleaning.

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William Sommerwerck

Assuming its LCD can you feed a "black" signal in , to check whether its backlight problem

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The very first thing to check is the state of the electrolytics on the power supply. If you are lucky, you might see one or two that are bulging a little, but often, it's necessary to check them all with an ESR meter. Be especially vigilant of any that are mounted close to any heatsinks. I'm not familiar with that exact model, but many Tosh's used variations of the Vestel 17PW xxx series power supplies. If it is one of those, it usually has it silk-screened in the bottom right corner


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