Tips to Loosen Electric Motor Bolts?

Recently was unable to loosen the bolts of an electric fan motor that needs rebuilding.

Have never had this problem before so my first thought is the bolts have a high strength thread locker.

Did a forum search to check if anyone else had mentioned this problem but found nothing.

Am interested in all suggestions to loosen these bolts.



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Had a similar problem with part of a sewing machine that had got gummed up. Only thing that helped was to put it in front of a fan heater until the whole machine was almost too hot to handle!


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As said some localised heat (gas torch) preceeded by a squirt of some penetrant like wd40, penetrene etc and use a correct size socket or ring spanner.

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Rheilly Phoull

Hitting it with a gas-torch flame, after having sprayed it with a penetrant which is made up of a high percentage of flammable petroleum distillates?

That seems like a Really Bad Idea. Not quite as bad as the fabled "Hey, Bud, I think my truck's gas tank is empty... hold my beer while I light a match and see if I can see any gasoline down the filler pipe" but it's headed out in that general direction.

I'd use either heat, or a penetrating oil, but not both. In the OP's situation, since a high-strength threadlocker was mentioned, I'd go with localized heat - some of the Loctite (e.g.) formulas are designed to soften when heated in this way.

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David Platt

What is the body of the motor made of?

aluminium / aluminum can grow around the bolts.


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Colin Horsley

You do not say size of bolts, but an old big? soldering iron laid against the bolt for whatever time ,may be more manageable source of heat to disrupt threadlock

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Good idea if you like making exciting youtube videos..

When torching stubborn fasteners I follow it up with a rub with a piece of paraffin. When the fastener is hot enough, it wicks the wax in the threads. Nice thing about this is that you don't need to keep reheating the fastener if it's got a lot of turns.

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Yeah, well I was assuming some experience there. Naturally the idea was to leave it soaking overnight or whatever for a few hours and then trying the heat. A method I used for many years (even before the fetish of regaling others with films of self stupidity). Also the method was applied after the localised heat was tried.

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Rheilly Phoull

impact tool


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Maynard A. Philbrook Jr.

In message , KenO writes

As well as the other suggestions, like all seized bolts that are not budging, initially try to TIGHTEN them a little.

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Ian Jackson

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