Tandberg 3600xd motor problem

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I am trying to restore a Tandberg 3600xd. I have a problem with front motor
 bearing. It is kind of loosed,and the rotor rubbing against the walls of t
he stater. I took the motor  apart. Everything looks like new but the front
 bearing is more loosed than the rear one. It seams to me that even the mot
or out the rotor touches the stater every time I hook it to the power 120v  
60 Hz,and loud HUMMMMM sound is heart.
Is there any way I can fix those  bearings myself?
Any help will be appreciated.  

Re: Tandberg 3600xd motor problem
A new one should not be too hard to make on a lathe.  

Another possibility is to sash the thing into a thinner form thus making the hole smaller, however it has to be held tightly around the outside or that will expand as well.  

Only other thing is to knurl it internally. They used to do that to the valve seals when they rebuilt the old car engines. It doesn't last as long but it is already what, 30+ years old  
? If it lasts a third of that something else should be wrong with it by then.  

You could try turning it 180, top to bottom and let whatever force work on the less worn parts. They are almost never worn equally. It also might be exchangeable wit the back bearing but that would be my last resort.

Have any machine shops in your area ?  One of them might be willing but the cost might be a bit high. Also, a jeweler might have a lathe capable of doing it.  

Re: Tandberg 3600xd motor problem
On 13/11/2016 17:45, snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com wrote:
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Has it been dropped or something heavy dropped on the deck?
It seems odd to have such damage to a tape-recorder motor, in the normal  
run of things

Re: Tandberg 3600xd motor problem
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Doesn't have to be. If it uses those dry brass bearings they wear.  

Some people plug their tape units into the switched outlet on their amp or  
receiver and just leave the power switch on. In that case the motor runs al
l the time. I have seen this on cassette decks as well and it actually happ
ened to one of mine. Also like a Dual 1215 turntable that has no strobe, th
e linkage gums up and while it disengages the idler the motor still runs.

Re: Tandberg 3600xd motor problem
Runs all the time the amp is on that is.

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