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I have a few lightning-usb cables that have a damaged lightning plug. Is there any place to buy just the plug so I can replace the damaged one? Thanks J

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** FYI:

The word lightning refers to a weather event.

There is a data plug trade marked "Lightning" that I suspect you are referring to.

The name "USB" should also be in capitals, as it too is a trade mark.

I doubt anyone sells rewireable version of the Lightning plug.

.... Phil

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Phil Allison

The complete cable is cheap.

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Yes it is, but they all have the same weak spot which admittedly, can be re inforced but I'd prefer to rebuild mine, if possible.

And yes, I know the difference between 'lightning' and 'Lightning' and 'usb ' and 'USB'....and anybody with 1/2 a brain would understand the meaning an d context of the question. And for the pedantic ppl in the crowd, it should properly be cited as 'App le Lightning (TM) since it is a registered trademark - not simply 'Lightnin g'....

So that raises a question (since some ppl like to pick 'fly sh*t' out of pe pper), if one refers to a knock off Apple Lightning to USB cable, should th ey properly call it a 'Apple Lightning to USB' cable? a 'Lightning to USB' cable, a 'lightning to USB' cable??? or perhaps a 'bootleg work-a-like Appl e Lightning to USB cable'????

I'll let the resident neurotic Phil answer this one since he seems to be m ost annoyed by the grammar/capitalization rules, and syntax of the phrase.. .. ....sheesh...

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