some Dash Lights only go on at Night, can't be seen in the day time.

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I renamed the thread and moved it from its original location to the
bottom of the list so I wouldn't have to hunt for it so much.  

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Okay, I tried that and it did turn on the headlights and taillights.
BUT the ones in question** didn't go on.  

Yet up until the last time I drove in the dark, two nights ago, they do
go on at night.   I will try tonight and see if they still go on at
night, but how that could be different from covering the photocell I
don't know.  

FWIW there are actually two photocells but I covered both of them.  When
I first got the car I asked on ToyotaNation or the other one what the
second one was for, and if I got an answer, I forget what it was.   Each
as a domed plastic cover but one is 1/4" high or more and the other much
shorter. I wonder why.  

**(Most of the other lights are too dim to see during the daytime, but
they work fine already.)

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It will take a bit of time to extract the relevant pages from my 390
page wiring diagram. I'll work on it.  

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One thing only does dim and that's the little dot/light on the dash that
shows what gear I'm in, and I think that's fair because the other lights
are powered directly from 12v.  I haven't tested when the headlights go
on, but instead, I removed the Panel fuse and ran a jumper from the
12v-when-engine-on to one of the locations the Panel fuse powers**, and
when I touch the jumper to that, the dot on the dash goes dimmer and
when I remove it it goes back to full daytime brightness. That is

Sometimes!!! when I do touch the jumper that way, the "clock" lights go
on, but unreliably and rarely.   It will work, then 3 minutes later, it
doesn't.   And this testing was done at night (they weren't on to begin
with I used to think because the panel fuse was out, but later I think
they went on without the panel fuse or the hot-wire. I have to do more
testing tonight.   Prior testing was very confusing, so I hoped you'd
just know the answer already, although I suppose it's very unlikely
people would complain about something like this and that your service
department would try to rewire a car that was working according to the
Toyota spec.  

In the daytime I've never gotten them to go on.  

Do you think there's any chance, once I have the current operation
totally clear and written down, if I wrote to Toyota, they'd tell me why
it works that way, or even how to change it?  I figure they'd ignore me
or tell me to go to a dealer.  

Most of the lights*** are powered directly from the battery when the
Taillight relay is closed, via the Panel fuse, and they don't dim, but
normally they only go on at night.  I guess going on is the opposite of

**From the 12v that powers the seat heater switch to the light for the
seat heater switch, so the wires are only a half inch away from each
other.  I thought it would be such an elegant fix, except it doens't
work for the "clock" lights.  It does light up all the other lights

***The speedo cluster, glovebox, the buttons for the radio, heater/ac,
seat heater switches, and the gearshift indicator on the center console.

And there is a light in the speedometer needle that changes in some way.
I think it lights up at night.   It's really all very nice except for my
one complaint.   I would have thought lots of people would complain and
by 2006 they would have changed it.  I have the digital version of 2006.
It's harder to read than on paper, but I checked to the extent I could
and haven't found any differences related to this.   Maybe that they
didn't change it would mean mine is broken, not misdesigned.   But I
still should be able to fix it.  

I'll do more testing when it gets dark, which seems to be different from
having the photocells covered.  

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Yes, those gear indicator dots works that way.  

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In the speedo cluster, there's a little light for each gear.  Park is
green. I think the others are different.  

2005 Toyota Solara (similar to a Camry)

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