Question about kids ride on Power Wheels jeep


Looking for parts for Power wheels and peg perego jeeps and vehicles and any info on altering them for more power better speed or battery life etc.

also, can i in theory use a standard heavy duty 12volts battery to power this kids toy?

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Hi Rutman...

12 volts dc is 12 volts dc is.... so the *theoretical* answer is yes.

Having said that, I hope you don't even consider it. Not for a second!

Incredible current - and kids with metal toys, bracelets, watch bands perhaps, rings perhaps, tinfoil, along with insatiable curiousity adds up to bad bad problems.

And if that's not enough - acid, great weight, lead posts...

Don't do it - kids are worth waaaaay too much :)


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Ken Weitzel

thanks Ken for the input!

I was thinking of adding the car battery to extent a bit its power to cut through the grass. since the jeep is already electric and runs on a 12v battery, i thought that maybe adding a car battery wouldnt be a big deal. the current battery is sealed and located in the hood department under a fake plastic engine.

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Don't use a car battery, use a sealed gel cell and fuse it, much safer.

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James Sweet

Despite the contraindications a buddy of mine used to do this. He found a way to get a car battery in those lil cars and they worked great !

His grandkids rode around the campgrounds three at a time and went over bumps etc. that would normally stop these things.

Generally they seemed to have 12 guage wiring, so if you use that or heavier and keep the wiring concealed the danger isn't that great. If you look at the switches that control the thing they will be what burns up, not the wires.

Things happen, but the cars we had didn't have doors or seatbelts so even if it started smoking they could just hop off the thing.

The attitude was : You only live once. The kids had a blast, and yes things did happen but nobody got hurt. After awhile of course switches and motors and gearboxes needed to be changed, they broke of course.

If you do this, keep an eye on them, they may well be able to run each other over etc., but even if they ride these things in their "stock" form they should be supervised.

Always keep in mind the danger of fire, and if you live in dry country be especially careful. If you start a forest fire you not only go to jail, it's wrong. Do keep an eye on things.

As far as getting the parts, my buddy actually picked the garbage, as did his friends. I normally don't, but for the kids I did pick one up when I saw it. Almost always the problem was bad batteries. I know of no other way to get the other parts, such as the wheel motors ets. We just put the good parts in the best cars and got rid of the rest. Foot pedals and reverse switches did not last long.


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thanks for the great info!!!!

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