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I have a ProScan 50" TV model PS52682 or PS60682 that has Chassis CTC171 in it. I've determined from the web that I need to replace CR4401 and C4402V on the deflection board, but can't find the parts anywhere. Does anyone have an idea of where I could get these peices or a cheap replacement deflection board? Thanks!

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determined from the web ?

Shit my 30 years experience and thousands in tools was all for naught !

Here is the deal, if you know anything, listen up. A 243636 replaces almost any RCA diode, except for the top damper, and a fe others.

If these diodes are rectifying from the SMPS, just use the 243636. If this is anything across the yoke you might need the other one. The number slips my mind.

Don't forget to resolder the shield near the jungle IC. Causes all kinds of whacky shit.


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Well, definitly not trying to put down your years of experience. That's one of the reasons I'm posting here! :)

I'm just going off of the service log at

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that shows

***"Proscan PS60682 CTC171 E/ W Pincushion PS60682 CTC171 Unit has server hour glass distortion Unit has shorted CR4402 an C4402"***

I couldn't find a CR4402, but CR4401 on the service information sheet shows cr4401 as "pincuson"

I don't have the component with me to give the number off of it, but the diode looks like a TO-220 package with the center leg cut off. (someone scribbled ECG580 on the printout I have.) The capacitor was a large blue rectangular package that I don't know the name of, but the same scribble says .015uF 1.6KV and the info sheet says "C4402V Pin Retrace"

If you could provide me more help I would appreciate it imensly! I can't find any reference to 243636, and if you could give me more info on what thejungle IC is so I can resolder the shield you specified!



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Yeah, I was able to tell that the board said CR401 while the info sheet listed CR4401... Anyway, CR4401 has D08M-15 on it and a 45 underneath the diode schematic on it. C4402V has "A .043J500" smoe kind of symbol then "309"

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Well... I tested the diode and it seemed ok... replaced the capacitor and it looks like it is projecting square on the wall... I'll find out if it is working right after I move into my new house...

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