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I ordered a small amplifier board on ebay. It's just a PCB with components, making a ready to go low powered audio amplifier, complete with a volume control.

It has three screw terminal blocks to attach the Power, Input and Output. It also has a 1/8" jack.

But here is the problem. Those screw blocks are labelled in Chinese. Using the actual chinese alphabet. If it was another language, I could convert the words online, but I cant enter chinese characters.

Fortunately, the power one says 12v with a + on one side, so I know that is the 12v source. But I hav no clue which of the other two are input or output, nor what that 1/8" plug is for.

I bought this from a US seller. You would think he would include a piece of paper showing what is what. The entire amp is mostly just one IC chip. Both the input and output go right to this chip, and there are parts in the way of the chip to try to read the chip numbers. (which likely would not match anything anyhow). [not to mention I cant see well enough to read chips anymore].

What is most weird, there is a LED on the board which says "LED" and the caps have numbers next to them (in english).

I plan to contact the seller to ask for an email containing the schematic or a photo showing what is what.....

This is the first time I have ever run across a PCB labeled in chinese...

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Most of these Chinese kits don't have an instruction sheet. They are the collection of parts from some construction article or something like. that

Do an internet search for whatever identifiers you have. It might be as simple as a circuit from the IC's data sheet. I've got a couple of other these Chinese kits and there was alot of very complete information on the web including youtube videos.

There might be pictures of the completed amp from the vendor's website.

The vendor might not have a clue as to what the parts in a bag are for.

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Got a smartphone or tablet? Use a translation app that lets you point the camera at things and overlays a translation in realtime.

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Andy Burns

Get the ground connection with your ohm meter on each block. Attach a small speaker to each terminal block, if your print is mono. If stereo, use two 20 ohm resistors to connect the other side of the speaker to the l/r in/out points.

Connect power.

Then tap on the speakers, and the outgoing one will echo that, with the one on the input acting as microphone.

Keep the speakers away from each other, or you will have a siren.

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Sjouke Burry

Thanks for everyone's advice. I solved the problem by looking on Ebay. The seller I bought this from does not have the diagram, but there are several other sellers selling this same amp. Several of the other sellers have a photo of the amp, with pictures of speakers and what they connect to. (Including which screws are + and -).

There are 3 screw type connectors. One is the 12VDC power, the other two are speakers (L and R). The 1/8" jack is the input for a STEREO plug, such as the SPKR jacks on the back of a computer.

I plan to tell the seller I bought this from, to please include that diagram on his ad. (I saved a copy of the picture for future reference).

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